Hire me for Ruby on Rails specific problems, architecture, application design, optimizations, code reviews, performance, team mentoring, and rescue missions.

What I am all about...
Languages: Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Sinatra, Vue/React, Express (Node.js)
Infrastructure: Heroku, Docker, AWS, Unicorn, Puma, Apache, Nginx, Passenger, etc
Other skills: Rubygems development, Microservices, REST API development
Rails contributions: https://contributors.rubyonrails.org/contributors/santosh-wadghule/commits
My open source work: Ruby gems, Microservices using RabbitMQ & Rails, labelize-field (jQuery plugin), etc
Talks: Aila!.. Caching in Rails, Rails Request & Middlewares, ES6: Features + Rails
Activities: Coding, Reading, Food photography, and Fun 😀
Companies: Beema, Bit Zesty, AgentBright, Autobrain, SkyMD, BigBinary, Idyllic Software, and other